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ParaPlan Desktop update v4.1.621.11131

21 June



It is bug fix Friday here at EnGraph Software. We pushed out an update earlier in the week that had some blazing fast improvements to how Scheduling Canvas worked. There were a few oversights on our end and this release will help address those.

Building a new date would cause certain trips to become flagged for sending to MDTs. Drivers were getting wrong trips and too many trips. This has been resolved.

If somebody else cancelled or no-showed a trip, it was showing up in the Unscheduled bin on your computer instead of in the Cancellation bin. This is now going to the correct bin.

If you added a fill-in trip, not all the information that was just entered was being displayed in the Scheduling Canvas. The data was actually there and now it shows up as expected.

If you accidentally clicked “add fill-in”, but closed it before making any changes, you’d expect that trip to go away as it had always done in the past. Well, it wasn’t. It was hanging around and cluttering up your screen and making a few people thinking they had gone crazy. It will now go away and you can have your clean Scheduling Canvas and your sanity back.

As always, the update will install automatically.


ParaPlan Desktop update v4.1.530.11080

30 May

Access2Care logo


We released version 4.1.530.11080 of ParaPlan Desktop this morning. It will download and install automatically on your computer as outlined in our update process.

The biggest new feature is that we now support the importing of Access2Care files. Our import process will automatically generate trips and clients from the CSV file provided to you from Access2Care.

We also upgraded to v3 of the Google Geocoding API.

We added new sidebar searches for All Clients and All Active Clients. As these are not widely used, they exist only in favorites. To enable, click Favorites, then Add/Edit Favorites and add these new searches to your sidebar.

Speaking of favorites, we cleaned that up and made it easier to navigate.

Several other bug fixes, small improvements and client manifests have also been added.

What’s next?

The next version of our iOS app has the ability to capture client signatures and record additional timestamps and odometer collections (PUArrive, PUPerform, DOArrive, DOPerform), so we are adding support to see that additional information inside of ParaPlan. We have always just supported one timestamp per pick up and one timestamp per drop off, so we are adding support for these additional data points in a way that doesn’t crowd our existing screens.

This will be a fairly short development cycle as most of the work is done and the rest is testing database changes. Expect a new version in the next couple of weeks. Those that are beta users will see an update as early as next week.