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Display Program Billed amount in ParaPlan iOS

07 January

ParaPlan for iOS has a trip detail screen that shows extra information about a trip when the driver clicks a stop on their eManifest. A key piece of information is how much the rider needs to pay to get on the bus. Sometimes, the driver needs to know how much the program will be billed for this trip. Now that is possible.

In ParaPlan Desktop, click All Elements, then Admin to load system preferences. Check the box labeled “Display Program Billed and Co-Pay on eManifest.”

IOSProgramBilled 3


Now, when the drivers look at the detail screen, the will see the amount the rider needs to pay to get on the bus, and in parentheses, the amount that the program will be billed.


How to add a user for ParaPlan for iOS

14 October

ParaPlan Mobile for iOS is our complimentary mobile app for iPhones and iPads. Drivers log onto the mobile device and their trips are automatically downloaded. As they perform their trips, the timestamps and odometers are automatically uploaded to dispatch computers running ParaPlan Desktop.

Now with 3rd party access, funding source stakeholders and clients can view GPS locations of the vehicles performing their trips on their personal iPhones or iPads.

Here is how ParaPlan users are granted iOS permission.

  1. In ParaPlan, click All Elements > Users > New User.
  2. Fill out the name and username, then grant ParaPlan desktop permissions.
     Screen Shot 2013 10 14 at 8 31 42 AM
  3. Create password
    1. Leave existing password blank
    2. Enter new password twice
    3. Click Change password
      Screen Shot 2013 10 14 at 8 33 41 AM 
  4. Click Apply Changes (ParaPlan username should now be populated in title bar and Save button should be disabled)
     Screen Shot 2013 10 14 at 8 34 21 AM
  5. Expand Convert for iOS
    • To Add driver:
      1. Click Collect GPS if GPS data should be collected.
      2. Click Can view GPS tab if they can see other driver’s location.
      3. Enter REST endpoint provided by EnGraph.
      4. Select Driver name from drop down list.
      5. Click Can Schedule Trips if they can change a trips assigned route (including trips assigned to other drivers).
      6. Click Can Call clients if they can have easy access to directly contacting clients.
      7. Click Create Global account.
         Screen Shot 2013 10 14 at 8 40 46 AM
    • To add 3rd party program administrator
      1. Click Collect GPS if GPS data should be collected (usually not).
      2. Click Can view GPS tab if they can see driver’s locations (only for the programs they are allowed to see).
      3. Enter REST endpoint provided by EnGraph.
      4. Check all the programs they can see trip and GPS details for.
      5. Check can request trips if they can directly request a trip (coming soon).
      6. Check can view Client details if they can also see additional information about a client including their future trips (only for the programs they are allowed to see).
      7. Click Create Global Account.
         Screen Shot 2013 10 14 at 9 05 16 AM
    • To add 3rd party Client access
      1. Check Collect GPS if GPS data should be collected (usually not).
      2. Check Can view GPS tab if they can see the vehicle that is coming to perform their trip.
      3. Select the client’s name from the drop down list.
      4. Check Can request trips if they can directly request a trip (coming soon).
      5. Click Create Global Account.
         Screen Shot 2013 10 14 at 9 09 29 AM

ParaPlan Mobile for iOS version 1.2

14 June

ParaPlan Mobile for iOS has been updated to version 1.2. The highlights of this version are Signature Capture and smarter confirmations. We are holding this for release until Monday, June 17th to allow time for driver training.

Signature Capture

Many of our clients are funded by programs that require drivers to collect signatures from a passenger at the end of the trip. This can be a tedious process that required office staff to scan or fax these signatures to the funding source. Now the signatures are collected directly on the driver’s iPhone or iPad and are instantly available to the office staff where they can compile a report and electronically deliver the signatures. This saves time, saves paper and is another win in the battle against printers.

Arrive and Perform events

Version 1.1 only had a single event when performing a pick up or a drop off of a client. It is useful to know how long a driver had to wait from when they got to the pick up location and when they were able to get the client fully loaded on the vehicle. This helps tell a more complete story about the life cycle of a trip and also helps the office staff know which client might need a longer Dwell Time in ParaPlan. With that in mind, the life cycle of a trip from a driver’s perspective looks like this:

  • Driver arrives at pick up location. Driver swipes the stop on the iPad and clicks “I’ve arrived at pick up”. This sends an event back to the office that contains GPS point, odometer reading and timestamp. On the iPad, the trip turns blue.
  • The client is on the bus and ready to go. Driver swipes on the stop and clicks “Client is on board”. This sends another event and the stop turns grey.
  • Driver arrives at drop off location. Driver swipes on the drop off stop and clicks “I’ve arrived at drop off”. This sends another event to the office and the stop turns blue.
  • The passenger will signed on the iPad. The signature (along with an event) will be sent back to the office. The passenger will automatically be marked as dropped off and a drop off event will be sent to the office. The stop will turn grey.
  • If the passenger signature is not required, the driver will swipe on the stop and click “Client has been dropped off”.

Smarter Confirmations

Each time a driver performs an action, it provides an audio and visual confirmation. We found that requiring the driver to push “OK” on every confirmation message added too much friction to the experience. We changed it so the first 10 confirmations will display a visual dialog that will require the driver to push “OK” to dismiss it. After that, the status bar will change colors momentarily and display a confirmation. When a user has to push “OK” all the time, they get in the habit of dismissing all dialogs without reading them. They can miss important information because they get too many alerts. This will help prevent this from happening to our users.

Extended permissions

There is now a “Can call client” permission that prevents drivers from being able to directly call a client’s phone number. Also, the “View other vehicles” restriction applies to other driver’s manifests and other driver’s GPS locations.

Other improvements

We also added smarter background GPS mode and geofencing.

The badge icon is now smarter and will always display the number of stops a driver has yet to perform in a day.

Turn-by-turn directions have been added to the long press menu from the manifest screen. Press and hold on a stop to view the long press menu.

We hope you enjoy using version 1.2! 

Here are the changes from version 1.1.

We are also pushing out updates to other products today:

ParaPlan Desktop got a faster Scheduling Canvas and support for viewing signatures captured by our iOS app.

ParaPlan Server allows trips to be changed when in progress on Mentor Rangers and smarter Zonar connections.

ParaPlan REST had a bunch of code rewritten that is going to allow for huge speed improvements in the future.

iPhone users have fat fingers

24 May

Undo in ios


Boy it sure feels like that sometimes! I’m constantly hitting the wrong button on my iPhone. There are so many different ways to interact with the iPhone. All the pinch-to-zoom, double-tap and swipe-to-delete features are great, but it can be really frustrating when you accidentally push the wrong button.

We built ParaPlan Mobile with forgiveness in mind. Every screen has an Undo button that is easily within reach. If you swiped to perform a stop, swipe one more time and you will see an Undo button. Same thing goes for long-pressing on a stop as well as performing actions from the Stop Detail screen.

If you are not a ParaPlan Mobile user, please try it for free. Download it from the App Store and click “Use Demo Mode” when you see the login screen.

Signature capture in ParaPlan Mobile for iOS

23 May

Many of our clients have contracts that require drivers to capture a signature when the ride has been completed. Logisticare is one example of a broker that collects rider signatures. We have added this functionality to ParaPlan Mobile for iOS and drivers will be able to electronically collect signatures directly on their iPhones or iPads. The signature will be uploaded and be immediately available inside of ParaPlan Desktop. Here is a screenshot of the signature collection on the iPad.

Signature collection on iPad

Version 1.1 of ParaPlan now available in the App Store

22 May

Download on the App Store Badge US UK 135x40




ParaPlan Mobile for iOS is the best complimentary driver paratransit or NEMT (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation) app for iPhone or iPad. It seamlessly connects to the ParaPlan database to allow drivers to see their digital manifest. Changes made in the field are reflected on the dispatchers screen in a matter of seconds. 

We recently updated the version to 1.1. Here are the new features available.

Demo mode – Test the app and see exactly how well it will fit in your operation.

iPad love – All screens take advantage of bigger iPad screen. Also many smaller screens are displayed as popovers or form sheets.

Reminders – Get notified 30 minutes before a stop to make sure you leave on time. Or schedule a notification to make sure you remember to mark the stop as performed. Or both. Schedule multiple notifications up to 24 hours in advance of a stop. Any stop that has a reminder gets a neat little badge on the manifest screen.

Navigation – Click Get Directions on any place to launch Maps to get turn-by-turn directions. Choose in settings which mapping provider to use.

Badge icons – Your front screen will show how many stops are left on your manifest.

Swipe to perform – Swiping left or right on a stop will reveal the most likely action for that stop. Either Arrive, Perform or Undo (we all make mistakes).

Geofencing – This saves your battery life if you haven’t moved in a while.

Sounds – Click sounds, confirmation sounds, notification sounds. All the audio feedback you desire. Unless that’s not your sort of thing, then you can turn them all off.

Confirmation alerts – Those can now be turned off as well.

Pull to refresh – All screens have the standard Apple pull to refresh tear drop.

Lots of other polishing, tinkering and bug fixing. Our developers and testers worked really hard on this update. We really hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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