ParaPlan Cloud

Why ParaPlan Cloud?

The new ParaPlan Cloud solution has many advantages over traditional “in-house” data storage.

Quicker Setup and Installation

EnGraph staff does all the set up work on the database side. You simply install the application and start using ParaPlan. There is no wasted time setting up a database server, verifying or purchasing SQL Server licensing, setting up and scheduling a backup system or any of the other IT related tasks that come with setting up a new database application.

Reduced Costs and IT Staff Workload

With ParaPlan Cloud there is no need for on-site IT staff (with regards to ParaPlan), a database server, Microsoft SQL Server and client licenses, backup software or any of the other costs associated with housing an on-site database. In addition to these up-front costs, you will also never need to worry about upgrading these in the future.

Faster Support

EnGraph’s ability to access your live database in seconds means much faster support and resolution to any issues that may arise. If statistics on a report don’t make sense, EnGraph staff can quickly access the data and figure out where the numbers are coming from. There’s no longer a need to send a backup or schedule time with IT staff when a data related issue needs to be resolved.

Ability to Work Remotely

The ParaPlan Cloud database can be accessed from anywhere with a high-speed internet connection. You no longer have to be on your network to run ParaPlan. If you need to work from home or from a laptop while out of the office, ParaPlan Cloud allows you to do this.

Ability to Access ParaPlan Data from Mobile Devices

The ParaPlan Cloud database environment allows for your data to be accessed from iOS mobile devices. The ability to access the data
over an internet connection will allow EnGraph Software to develop these and other applications to meet our client’s ever increasing
need to access their data from anywhere on various platforms.